back from the dead

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back from the dead

Post by TheRedDuncan »

oh hi every peoples from FADW. How are u doing?

It's been a while. Like what, a year? Anything cools happened since we've all been together?


Wait me?

I study Organic Chem. and can legally drive. I've (past tense) had a job, and play mostly hearthstone and SMITE with some of the old FADW pals (share/heavenspeak/creatur33/ridiculous_banana) and have a pretty fun time with it.
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Re: back from the dead

Post by Alex »

I'm in my second year of high school (well, Norway's equivalent of high school), studying something that could be defined as "general computer and electronics".
Done a few website projects for some people, which in return gives me more programming experience. Started hosting web servers, mail servers and a few other servers to get some more experience in those fields too.

All in all, it's been a pretty interesting year. Except I have given myself less time to actually play video games nowadays, but what are video games anyways? (heh)

Also, I'm totally not late on this, but at least I have replied
- Alex/Decactus

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Re: back from the dead

Post by Nerd »

Currently working for KPMG developing software so it's pretty fun.
Back to university next next week for second year (software eng).

Like Alex, I have no free time :/ but that's fine.
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Re: back from the dead

Post by SovereignName »

Hallooo, Matt here c:

Well, to start off I'm in my first year of Highschool... I've started taking drivers ed. (Watch out >:D) I got into computer programming... (Still a beginner and don't know as much) Now I spend most of my time playing League of Legends with some people from the server. Let's see we got Cyanide= Happiness, Hello and Welcome, Ian, Syscoord, Coiner10, Margin (c:), Young creatur33, and Heavens peeksa. I don't spend much time on Gmod as I used to since the server went down... So yeah, :D
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Re: back from the dead

Post by hawkiee552 »

Ohh, this page isn't THAT dead yet.

Well, GTA V happened got a mere 220 hours or so on it, and currently finishing second year of high school studying automation systems. Had my practical exam today, and going to present the work I've done tomorrow to an examiner. Looking forward to finish this year, and take a good lengthy break.
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Re: back from the dead

Post by Mega-Ampharos »

I was remisiscing about the server with LellowYemon just now and felt like I needed to come back here.
Just being back on this website is almost making me tear up. I've missed this server and everyone on it so much.
In my case I've developed a deadly Smash 4 addiction. Like it's a problem. What I will say is that my Samus is currently on point. Tournament ready bruh. I've made some pretty significant strides in the world of music. I'm actually producing fairly regularly, so that's cool. I'm almost done my junior year of high school which is honestly kind of scary. I'm thinking about what I want to study when I get out of high school. I'm thinking music theory or philosphy or journalism or something (maybe all three).
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Re: back from the dead

Post by Port_A_Build »

Just finished freshman year of high school. Studying computer programming. Exploded my Steam library a lot since FADW. Yeah, doing okay.
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