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Facebook 'like' button

We have recieved a request to add a 'like' button to the website, so I added it,
You can now 'like' threads and the main page.
Donations [9/6/2011]

To start off, remember that FADW admins and players are not required to donate, these donations are greatly appreciated though! The donations go straight to the servers, and nothing else. We are, for the most part, supported by our donations (although some money comes out-of-pocket) Thanks for the support!
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Welcome to From a Different World's Website! [Established 2010!]

Here you can check our forums, upcoming events, news, or you make donations here.

Around 2010, I created FADW as a haven for Neurodivergent, and Neurodivergent friendly people.
It was initially a family friendly community, as I was around 14 at the time of creation, and raised in a conservative home. That has changed now, and my vision for this community is to be a friendly community of Adults, who have a safe haven from the nuisances of the world.

For those of you from the past who stumbled upon this, welcome back! It's been a while. Hope ya'll have been good.

It's an exciting time in the world.

We hope that you have a good time!

We used to have articles. Now we don't. Muhahahahahah.

-[FADW] Deth V

Donations help improve the server!

Warning: I am against a "cure" for autism because there is nothing to cure, we think differently, that's what makes us special.

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