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Thank You

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Hi guys. I just wanted to leave a message on the forums to say thanks for the TTT memories back then. I don't think I could have even handled myself when I was 11, so I appreciate this community for being so receptive to younger-me back then. I feel like the Internet's attitudes on "squeakers" has definitely changed since 2013, yeah? :lol: I forgot I had a forum account until I checked for it! 1/4ths of my 2,388 hours in Garry's Mod had to have been spent playing this server (...probably). I really remember it fondly as a part of my childhood! So thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I gotta get back to that college grind... 8-)
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Re: Thank You

Post by Alex »

Welcome back!

Feel free to join the Discord server to chat with the others as the forums aren't super active anymore.
Some of us have been playing the past two Saturdays, might try to get a session going this Saturday too if I have the time, so feel free to jump in as well :)
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