my aplication

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my aplication

Post by TheOnlyShare »

FADW Moderator Application
Please use this information in your application:

About yourself (Gaming History, age, etc.): im share im a cool guy. i played on server a long time ago

Steam ID (read below if you don't know it**): how do i find this?

In-game Name: share

Do you have a Mic? yes

Reason: because i bought one??

Times you are normally on (Include your timezone!): everyday

please accept me
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Re: my aplication

Post by Shadow's Crime »

Believe that beyond the Rain, there will be a New Day.
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Re: my aplication

Post by TheRedDuncan »

Best Application I've seen in years.

"Look at the sky, is there a heaven out there? What do you see? Is it a road to nowhere? I see a mountain, high, that reaches to the sky forever."

It begins with a ring-leader; in this case Bob "Flaming Carrot" Burden. "We'll make history, lads" he enthues "The first up-tempo, now, 1980's, happening kind of comic book artists to ever draw on a girl's legs in a strange hotel room".
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Re: my aplication

Post by Alex »

Duncan might as well retire.

- Alex/Decactus

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Re: my aplication

Post by Ridiculous_Banana »

Absolute vouch <3
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