Leaving forever (Real this time)

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Leaving forever (Real this time)

Post by DLC for Half Life 3 »

I am going to leave this server unfortunately. I will always cherish the friendships I have made. Me being on the server always made me happy.

I first joined the server on 2010 May. I had the name Tehepicducky209 and I had been just looking on what TTT was. I saw this server named family friendly and I knew I had to try it out.

On 2012 November I rejoined the server named Dldw666 (Hello and welcome made me change it to Dldw6) and I actually stayed around a bit.

Somewhere in 2013 people started calling me DLC and therefore I changed my name to DLC so I actually knew they were talking to me.

During the year 2013 I had tons of fun and made tons of friendships, I made friends with Toast, my best friend.

I would like to thank all the people I have met. (I haven't been on in a while so sorry if I forgot your name.)

I would first like to thank Deth for making this server in the first place and for being my friend.
Boris, I don't know much about you but your part of the fadw family so I still am thanking you for enforcing the rules.
MissSnik, you were my friend and you were the first person to message me and talking to me about my emotional problems.
Alex, I only ever saw you once so... Thanks for being funny :D
Toast, I'm going to be hanging out with you a lot anyways so... yeah...
Soul, I don't really know much about you either but ive seen you a lot. Just like Boris, thanks for enforcing rules!
Syscoord, same with Boris and Soul (sorry)
Arurus, <4
Sir Sniper, thanks for being my friend and being... Awesome and 1337 trickshot 360 noscope.
Javern, I only ever saw you in my first days of fadw, but your extremely funny c:
Cyanide, thanks for being an enforcer of the rules... Sorry I forgot stuff about you.
Shadow, Once again I don't know much about you so thanks for enforcing rules.
Hello and welcome, I know a bit about you. Thanks for not banning me for my name that had 666 in it. c:
Banana, thanks for not getting mad about me thinking your a girl and thanks for being funny.
Kyuen, Ive never met you I only saw you on the forums and I know your on a lot so I had to mention you.
Sonic, Never met you but Rainbow dash FTW
KJ, I know nothing about you and I know you don't really go on anymore but I remember you from when I was a random.
Markus, I know you were banned and I know you wont be on again but... You were awesome.
Machotroll, thanks for saying I need to be banned for skill because I did good for once, you gave me confidence to keep playing this game. If not for you I would've left long ago.
Creatur, Your to pro h4x to not be mentioned.
Awperture, thanks for being my friend and helping me with problems. You were my first admin friend of the server... I think...
Coiner, thanks for being there and being a easy target (Jk) Thank you for enforcing the rules.
Duncan, thank you for being the most funny person EVER!
Renrag, thank you for being another creatur and murdering me 010959024 times.
Share, You've already left and probably wont ready this but your the 2nd most swagalicious walrus.
Applesauce, a scrub.
Deathbringer, you were one of my original friends, now im your first target.

I'm tired of typing. Thank you fadw for being one of the most amazing parts of my childhood.
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Re: Leaving forever (Real this time)

Post by Mega-Ampharos »

I'm gonna miss playing with you. We were never the greatest of friends or anything, but you were fun to play with nonetheless. Plus, you were the first person on the server who I talked to outside of steam, and I can never forget that.
Hopefully you'll change your mind on that "forever" part and I'll be able to see you around sometime.
Later, buddy.
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Re: Leaving forever (Real this time)

Post by sniper101 »

Super sad face really?
and what you said about me wow.....
common don't leave!
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Re: Leaving forever (Real this time)

Post by TheRedDuncan »

"Look at the sky, is there a heaven out there? What do you see? Is it a road to nowhere? I see a mountain, high, that reaches to the sky forever."

It begins with a ring-leader; in this case Bob "Flaming Carrot" Burden. "We'll make history, lads" he enthues "The first up-tempo, now, 1980's, happening kind of comic book artists to ever draw on a girl's legs in a strange hotel room".
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Re: Leaving forever (Real this time)

Post by TheOnlyShare »

Didn't DLC leave a while back, but not make a super long post?

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