Star Citizen?

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Do you have a ship and want to form a Team?

Yes, and No team
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Yes, Yes team
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No, and No team
No, and Yes Team
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Star Citizen?

Post by sniper101 »

ug im so interested in this game and all
but I now cant fumble between donating here
or getting a cool ship on that game and it sure does look like fun T_T
Im srry!
But Another Thing we must discuss is am I able to form a Team here?
and or not
if you guys don't know what that is youtube it
You can play this game without a Ship BTW and all you have to do is pay for the intial game!
so I think you could do is Tag along in someones ship as gunner engineer or something! that be awsome! if you guys could honestly answer this and all
ALSO guys this could be a recruitment thread if I decided to do so or not
and decide to donate........
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