Final Frontier

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Final Frontier

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Final Frontier is a gamemode for Garry's Mod based on FTL: Faster Than Light. The gamemode is currently in open beta (or maybe open alpha).

WARNING: The following summary of what FF is about is based on information current as of November 2013 and is subject to change.
The gamemode puts you as a crewmember onboard a ship. Maps have two ships. When you join a server, it places you on whichever ship has less members. If they have an even number, you go onboard the orange ship. You can pilot your ship around, control life support, fire weapons, teleport around your ship and the other ship, etc. Engineering on FF is making modules more efficient (or simply repairing them). A module can be one of three types: Power, shields, or life support. There is a 4x4 layout of either blue or green tiles on each one that has a certain efficiency. If a tile is red, that module is damaged. Modules can be repaired at the engineering station. They can also be sabotaged there, which isn't always a bad thing. When your ship gets hit by a missile, modules are damaged and anyone in the affected rooms take damage. Terminals are screens that control systems. They can be hacked into by attempting to override them (I'm not very good at that). When you hack into a terminal, you usually go into the security tab and give yourself full access to the system, at which point you can either sabotage the ship or assume your position. If you fail to hack the terminal within a certain amount of time, the ship's alarm sounds and you should get out of there before enemies locate you. You can learn more about all this by clicking this button.

Why am I posting this? Someone asked what Final Frontier was and what you do in it.
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